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At Guest-book.co.uk we can provide a free guestbook for your site, doing all of the hard work for you. All you have to do is sign up, set up the style you want, and add a link to our site.
By using strict XHTML, the guestbook is viewable by all major Web browsers, and even newer mobile phones!

Features include:

  • Nothing to install on your site!
  • Make the guestbook blend in with the rest of your site by using CSS
  • Personalise the guestbook by adding your own text above and below the guestbook
  • Choose how many entries to keep in the guestbook - older ones are automatically deleted
  • Choose whether to allow HTML in guestbook entries or not
  • Instant email alert when someone signs the guestbook
  • Modarated guestbooks - entries will not appear until you approve them
  • Edit or delete offensive entries from the guestbook
  • Guestbooks are fully XHTML compliant - our code won't break your site!
  • Guestbooks are stored on our server - no need to worry about going over your quota!
  • XML/RSS feeds from your guest-book (subject to subscription)
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